January 22


January 22

Exodus 13–15

Scripture Text: Exodus 13:1–15:27

Series: Read the Bible in a Year

The Lord commands Moses to consecrate all the firtsborn to him. Firstborn and firstfruits are important to the Lord, but it is interesting that so many of the second-born whom the Lord blesses and uses. Regardless, these firstborn are indeed firstfruits because they are the firstfruits, the youngest, they whom could be trusted in instead of God, whom he delivered from bondage in Egypt.

His next instructions are to never forget what happened here. Fathers are to teach their children that it was God who brought them out. He has provided ten object lessons to make teaching easy.

The Lord begins to lead the people through the wilderness. He leads by day in a pillar of smoke, and by night as a pillar of fire. All they had to do was follow the light. Do you think they will?

The people come up against the obstacle of the Red Sea while the Pharaoh's army is chasing at their rear. Of course, they complain to Moses and they complain about him to God, that it was Moses' fault that they were in this predicament. This is tantamount to saying that it is God's fault, since he picked Moses to lead them. But God tells them to stand firm and unafraid, watching for their salvation. All they have to do is be silent. One wonders if this implies, Just shut up! Whichever, it means that God saves us without our help. Furthermore, it shows how God saves us, even when we do not deserve it. 

The pillar of cloud moves from the front of the host to come between them and Egypt. God drives back the seawater, dividing it with dry land. The people walk out onto the now dry seabed and the army follows them. In the morning, he Lord looks down on the Egyptians from within the pillar of fire, throwing them into a panic. Once the Hebrews are safe on the other side of the sea, the Lord allows the water to return and the Egyptians are drowned. The people realize again that the might hand of God alone has saved them, so they renew their fear of him, believing in him and his servant Moses.

The Song of Moses recounts Israel's deliverance from a place of bondage in Egypt. It tells of God's might power being their deliverance and salvation. Nonetheless, the people, almost immediately, grumble against Moses. They are thirsty, having travled three days without finding water. When you find yourself in a desperate situation, do you find someone to blame or do you fear and trust God to be your deliverance?

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