The Likes of You and Me


The Likes of You and Me

Comments on Galatians with an ear to Luther’s commentary

Scripture Text: Galatians 3:7 and Genesis 17:20–21

Series: Comments on Galatians

Today's Scripture Jigsaw

We would take God right out of the salvation business. To hear us talk about getting saved and giving ourselves to Jesus and walking down aisles to God, one would think he has nothing to do with our salvation. It is exactly the opposite. Salvation has nothing to do with who you are: what nationality, race, denomination, or any other human factor. It has nothing to do with what you do, but instead what and who you believe. So, we Ishmaels and Esaus may not claim birthrights. For God works in the hearts of those with faith, not rights, nor merits, nor virtue, or character. Therefore, the later-born like Isaac, and cheats like Jacob may become children of Abraham — because they have faith in the promise. And that is good news for the likes of you and me. 

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