The Same Christ


The Same Christ

Comments on Galatians with an ear to Luther’s commentary

Scripture Text: Galatians 3:7 and John 8:56–58

Series: Comments on Galatians

Today's Scripture Jigsaw

Abraham believed and was accounted righteous for that faith. He did not understand all the details of how this would happen but he, nonetheless, had faith in God who is in those details. That faith was not simply in God’s promise that he and Sarah would have a child in their old age but in God providing a child through whom the nations would be blessed throughout the ages. 

As such, Abraham and the patriarchs believe in the same Christ whom we do in the church today. Luther reminds us that Paul declared we are saved through the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ just as they were (Acts 15:10). Moses and the people drank from the spiritual Rock — just as we do, for the Rock is Christ (1 Corinthians 10:4). Abraham rejoiced that he was given the faith to see God’s plan of blessing and salvation, looking forward to that eternal kingdom (John 8:56; Hebrews 11:10). The faith of Abraham was directed to the Messiah who was to come, while ours rests in the Christ who has already come and is coming again with great power and glory (Mark 13:26). 

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